Follow the “16 to Life” theatrical release map!

Big shout out to all of our fans as you follow us from McGregor-Marquette, Iowa to Elkader, IA to Prairie du Chien WI, to Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Sioux City, Dubuque, Des Moines, Davenport, Omaha and Kansas City! Dang… I get tired just reading that list!
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“16 to Life” behind the scenes footage – thanks Joe Sherrman

Joe Sherrman made this montage of behind the scenes action on “16 to Life” set.
Check it out!

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Carson Kressley asks about your “FIRST KISS”


Carson Kressley wants to know about your first kiss! He got 16 to Life Director Becky Smith and star Hallee Hirsh to talk about their FIRST KISS and would love to hear about yours! Please leave a comment about your first kiss on Youtube! and please share it with your friends :)

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“16 to Life” in theaters this September!

16 TO LIFE Theater Dates!

Thank you to all our fans and supporters across the country! 16 to Life is coming to five states! Many of the theaters will have special appearances of writer/director Becky Smith and star Hallee Hirsh as well as many other actors.  Here are the dates you’ve been waiting for!

Opening FRIDAY, SEPT 3

Elkader, Iowa

Elkder Cinema

(Appearances in Elkader Sat. Sept. 4 Arriving at 7:30 pm you’ll meet – Executive Producer Terry Trimpe, Actors Bryan Dunphy, Gabrielle McNally, Ryan Gourley)

Prarie du Chien, Wisconsin ** HELD OVER FOR 2nd WEEK ** thru Sept. 16!!

Star Cinema, Prairie du Chien

(Appearance in Prairie du Chien  Sat. Sept. 4 Arriving at 3pm you’ll meet: Executive Producer Terry Trimpe, Actors Bryan Dunphy, Gabrielle McNally, Ryan Gourley)


Iowa City, Iowa

Bijou Theater

(Appearance in Iowa City on Wed. Sept. 8 at 7pm  by Writer/Director Becky Smith, Star of “16 to Life” Hallee Hirsh, and Actor Nicholas Downs)

Click here to see  Facebook photos from theatrical openings!


Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Collins Road Theaters

(Appearances in Cedar Rapids, IA on Thrs. Sept. 9 by Writer/Director Becky Smith, Star of  “16 to Life” Hallee Hirsh, Actor Nicholas Downs)  

Click here to see Pictures from the SOLD OUT! Sept. 9 Premiere

“16 to Life” will continue to play at Collins Road Theaters for at least 1 week – possibly longer! If you didn’t get in to see the show on  Sept. 9, there are many more shows coming right up!  Visit their website!

Opening SEPTEMBER 10

Des Moines, Iowa
Fleur Cinema

(Appearances Sat. Sept. 11 – Time TBA-  by Writer/Director Becky Smith, Star of  “16 to Life” Hallee Hirsh,  Actor Nicholas Downs)

Dubuque, Iowa

Mindframe Theatres

Davenport, Iowa

Rave Motion Pictures

(Appearances in Davenport on Fri. Sept. 10 – Time TBA – by Writer/Director Becky Smith, Star of  “16 to Life” Hallee Hirsh,  Actor Nicholas Downs)

Omaha, Nebraska

Rave Theatres Westroads

(Appearance in Omaha on Sunday Sept. 12 – Time TBA – by Writer/Director Becky Smith, Star of “16 to Life” Hallee Hirsh and Actor Nicholas Downs.)

Opening SEPTEMBER 17

Sioux City, Iowa

Promenade Cinema 14

Kansas City (Overland Park)

Glenwood Arts Theatre

(Appearance in KC on Friday, Sept. 17 and Sat. Sept. 18 by Writer/Director Becky Smith, Star of “16 to Life” Hallee Hirsh and Actor Nicholas Downs)

Opening SEPTEMBER 24

Okoboji, Iowa

CineMagic Great Lakes 7

Writer/Director Becky Smith with stars Hallee Hirsh and Nicholas Downs will conduct Q&A after the 7:30 show.


Los Angeles, California


(If there are no appearance dates listed, that means there are no appearances at that theater.  If you would like to underwrite or sponsor Writer/Director/Actor appearances, for a specific city, please send an email to: and we will assist you with scheduling. )

Stay tuned for more updates on location and theaters. Contact us at info(at)

Hallee Hirsh Wins Best Actress at Tunisia Film Festival


… that was held between 27 to 30 May, handed over the best film award of $5000 … while Hallee Hirsh was named best actress for her role in the US director Becky Smith’s film 16 to Life. …

The festival, now in its fourth year had the words ‘Women, I Love You as its slogan and strove to honour women for their role in the film industry and in all walks of life. The event that was first launched in 2007 has always upheld the same slogan.

(article from

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16 To Life To Screen in Seoul, South Korea in July!

Seoul International Youth Festival

16 To Life will screen at the Seoul International Youth Film Festival July 8th  through July 14th.  For more information visit

Nicholas Downs Featured in The Des Moines Register

Nicholas Downs

The Des Moines Register featured a story on Iowa native Nicholas Downs on his acting role in 16 to Life:

The Register writes:

The Iowa Motion Picture Association named Nicholas Downs, a 1994 graduate of Bondurant-Farrar High School, best supporting actor for his role as a small-town cop in the romantic comedy “16 to Life.”

“Nicholas has a great capacity for really finding honesty and truth in characters,” said Becky Smith of Okoboji, who wrote and directed the movie. “In a film that has a somewhat comic character, he was able to show what this guy really feels and why he feels it, so he wasn’t just a superficial, comic person.”

Read the rest of the article at The Des Moines Register’s wesbite.

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16 To Life Wins 4 Awards at the Iowa Motion Picture Awards

IMPA Awards

Nicholas Downs, Becky Smith, Ryan Gourley and Terry Trimple celebrate FOUR wins at the Iowa Motion Picture Association Awards Dinner in Des Moines, Iowa on May 1, 2010.

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16 To Life Director Becky Smith & Actor Nicholas Downs to attend 2010 Iowa Motion Picture Awards

Nicholas and Becky On SetApr 21, 2010 – “16 To Life” is written and directed by Emmy-nominated director Becky Smith.  Becky Smith, an Iowa native,  is nominated for Best Direction (Long Form), Best Screenplay (Produced) and (with Executive Producer Terry Trimpe) Best Feature Film Produced in Iowa Under the Iowa Film Promotion Program.  Nicholas Downs, also an Iowa native,  is nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in “16 to Life” as a small town cop.

In the romantic comedy, Nicholas Downs (Pearl Harbor, Constantine, Is It Just Me?) plays Bobby, the town’s young Deputy, who overextends his authority to get all sorts of attention, particularly from his own mother; Louise, played by Theresa Russell (Black Widow, Spiderman III). Hallee Hirsh (ER, You’ve Got Mail) plays the lead character, Kate.

In “16 to Life” a rural American teenager’s angst about her sexual inexperience drives a comic quest for love and understanding on her sixteenth birthday. This first feature from Emmy-nominated writer/director Becky Smith (Queer Eye for the Straight Guy) puts a wry, witty, and unpredictable ensemble cast in a small-town locale reminiscent of a Capra comedy. The comedy


was shot entirely on location on the Mississippi River in McGregor and Marquette, Iowa. It has played at festivals around the world and received five “Best Feature” awards.  The film will open in theatres in September 2010.

Becky will also give the keynote address at the award ceremony and Nicholas will participate in a number of the IMPA workshops.

Please join us for our industry workshops and the Iowa Motion Picture Awards Ceremony on Saturday, May 1, 2010 at the Des Moines Holiday Inn Downtown, 1050 6th Avenue.

You can find more information at the Iowa Motion Pictures Awards Website.

16 To Life To Screen in Tunisia in May!

We received a letter today to tell us that 16 To Life has been invited to to the Festival International Du Film de Tunis (The Tunis International Film Festival) in Tunis, Tunisia May 26th-May 29th, 2010!

Here’s what the festival’s artistic director Patrick de Bokay writes:

The 4th Tunis International Film Festival will provide an occasion for dialogue between cultures and colleagues, with a special focus on the role of women in society. The Festival’s theme “Femme je vous aime” and its location in a cultural capital of the Islamic world present an exciting opportunity to participants.  Every year the Festival brings together artists and films that contribute to the ongoing international dialogue on women in society in a culturally diverse atmosphere of education and celebration, and considers 16 to Life an important part of reaching that goal.

We’re extremely excited for this invitation!  So if you missed us in China, Canada or Germany, join us at our 20th film festival and our fourth internationally.  We know our Tunisian fans are celebrating this one!

Hope to see you there!